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Mat/beginner/intermediate  |  Reformer/beginner/intermediate  |  Injured and Special Populations

Intensive Cadillac, Barrels, Stability Chair  |  Total Barre

My pilates journey started with Sharon Curie at Core Pilates, Pukekohe in 2008. I started taking regular sessions in mat and reformer under her mentorship. I soon fell in love with the mind body effects of pilates, and the passion that developed within me led to an innate curiosity. Spurred on by my passion, my curiosity and the feel good effects of pilates I embarked on my training. While training I continued taking sessions with other instructors at their studios, which only enhanced my learning and developed my knowledge and teaching skills in pilates.

Although my background is diverse, each of my journeys began and

developed through passion. My journeys have overlapped and entwined bringing together different aspects of being and existence. I started out as a Montessori teacher in South Africa. This gave me a deep understanding of conception, development, and the movement of the child. Horticulture only enhanced my knowledge further into botany, nature and the environment we live in. Both these journeys have contributed to my overall physicality, endurance, and optimism, and off course a desire to want to keep moving. In all of this diversity I see concepts that have neatly gelled together, the conception and development of the child, botany and anatomy, a nurturing for all aspects of life.

“Since starting Pilates last year. I have been thoroughly blown away by the depths of Lysandra’s dedication and passion for providing her clients with the best possible Pilates experience. Lysandra is very attentive to what your body is capable of and tailors the sessions to suit your needs. I have noticed an improvement in my flexibility and have become more conscious of strengthening my core. So if you are looking for a friendly knowledgeable instructor, Lysandra is the one for you.”

Padma UKa

“I have attended one on one instruction for Pilates with Lysandra for about six months. She has made me feel very welcome and tailors her session to suit how I am feeling on that day. Lysandra is caring, passionate, and knowledgeable in what she does. My core strength, flexibility and well-being have improved as I attend regularly. I highly recommend Lysandra for your Pilates journey.”